Co-Optimus is a website dedicated to Co-Op games. Every game listed on our site has some form of cooperative gameplay element. Our job is to bring you the most comprehensive list of games that support co-op play, and let you know what that experience is like!

Above and beyond that, Co-Optimus is a social site for you to meet up with other gamers who enjoy the co-op exerience and discuss the latest and greatest, or even the classics. Thanks to online networks like Xbox Live and the PSN, Co-Op gaming is making a big comeback!

The site was founded in 2008 and now features the largest database (currently 14083) of co-op games across dozens of platforms.


A co-op game is a game where two or more players work together to accomplish a goal against AI opponents. Ideally the game will feature a strong story in which both players take part of. Co-Op can be online over the internet, offline on the same console, or via a LAN or Wireless Network. We do not consider team based games as co-op where players face off against another team of human players.


Just wanted to say thanks so much for the site. I won't buy a game anymore when looking for co-op without checking your site. So tired of asking employees at stores if game has local co-op, campaign, whatever. So tired of getting screwed purchasing a game to play co-op with my husband and getting home only to find out we can't play campaign or split-screen. I just had to let you know we appreciate the information.

I think Co-Optimus is really helping promote the co-op experience to developers as well as players, and giving it the exposure needed to get more of these types of games made!

Co-op play is the reason I own a 360 and still play games. Thank you for creating a site dedicated to the best part of gaming.

I just wanted to say thank you for launching this site. While I still love a good competitive or single player experience, I also seek out more co-op games that are suitable for my daughter and I to play together. Too often gaming sites ignore this part of gameplay in their reviews and discussions of a game.

I wanted to start off with a Thank you for the years of coop knowledge you guys have been sharing with the community!


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